Shot Charts: Brose Baskets

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About a month ago, I visualized what might come closest to Kirk Goldsberry’s shot charts for the Artland Dragons and their superior three-point shooting.

Now, with the Beko BBL playoffs and Artland’s series against Bamberg coming up, I did the same for Bamberg’s shooting percentages from the different areas. Here is what I came up with:¹


Brose Baskets’ Shot Charts for the 2013/2014 Beko BBL Regular Season. (All numbers per May 10, 2014)

With their penetrating guards and the athletic Big Men, Bamberg shoot a BBL-best 60.3 % from near-distance. While not taking a lot of shots from mid-range, they convert 44.8 % of their attempts, highest percentage of any team. Only their three-point shooting falls off: At 34.3 % from downtown they rank 13th in the BBL (league average is 35.2 %).

In contrast, Artland, their first-round matchup, ranks second in three-point percentage behind only Oldenburg. Bamberg though defend the three-pointer like no other team, allowing just 33.1 % from long-range. With D’Or Fischer leading the charge, Bamberg’s opponents make just 46.8 % of shots close to the rim; only Alba’s defensive line held opponents to a lower percentage over the Regular Season.

Taking Artland’s three-point game and shutting down Anthony King under the basket will win them this series. Bamberg in four.

¹ The colors range from a dark green (really good) over yellow (mediocre) to a dark red (really bad), always compared to the rest of the league. Shooting locations as available in the official Beko BBL play-by-plays.

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