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Impressive, what Cliff Hammonds does for Alba:

They are a slightly better offensively when Hammonds is on the floor, but more importantly thrive on defense. Net Rating goes from a mediocre +7.2 in 272 minutes without him to a team-high +21.5 in 568 minutes with him on the floor.


Cliff Hammonds’ defensive impact on Alba’s game (all numbers per Feb. 22, 2014)

(OffRtg/DefRtg in points per 100 possessions, all numbers are generated from the official Beko BBL play-by-plays.)

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Bayern played eight different combos at PF/C this season logging meaningful minutes (BBL competition only).

Lineups featuring Thompson/Idbihi produce by far the best Defensive Efficiency and an above-average Offensive Efficiency for an off-the-charts Net Rating of +31.2.

What’s also interesting is that Idbihi is found in three of the top-four lineup combos (sort by NetRtg). (I will come up with some individual numbers on him eventually.)


All numbers per Feb. 21

(OffRtg/DefRtg in points per 100 possessions, all numbers are generated from the official Beko BBL play-by-plays.)

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Gib einer Liga, die auf den großen Positionen noch immer zu wenig Qualität aufzuweisen hat, einen körperlich weit überlegenen Center, der unter dem Korb kaum zu stoppen ist, dem man bis an die Dreierlinie folgen muss und der defensiv durch seine schiere Masse jeden Wurf verändert… und dein MVP ist schnell gefunden. Zwei Jahre in Folge gab es wenig Zweifel daran, dass John Bryant in Ulm der wichtigste Spieler der Liga ist.

In diesem Jahr – in München nicht in der Bedeutungslosigkeit verschwunden, in die ihn viele reden wollen, aber einer unter vielen – ist Bryants Präsenz nicht mehr so unverzichtbar. Das ruft in einer Liga, die immer mehr nationale wie internationale Talente lockt, neue Spieler auf den Plan, die in der diesjährigen MVP-Diskussion das ein oder andere Wörtchen mitreden wollen.

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Bonn lead by 3 with under ten to go. Radosevic goes to the line, makes his first free-throw, misses the second on purpose and hopes for the offensive rebound.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Redding actually does rebound the miss, steps out behind the 3PT line and makes the shot in heavy traffic, makes it 88:87, Alba win in regulation.

I thought Gaffney was fouled by Jagla under the basket. They both battle hard, but I think Gaffney holds on to Jagla after Jagla initiates contact and kind of throws him down. It was a poor box-out by Looby on Redding, but without Gaffney falling to the ground, Redding would never have gotten that offensive board

You decide for yourself whether Alba deserved that trip to the Final Four which this win granted them:



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