Shot Charts: First-round matchups

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All quarter-finals have been played. Ludwigsburg, Bamberg, Ulm, and Bonn came up short leaving the semis to Bayern, Artland, Alba, and Oldenburg.

Here’s how all eight teams shot in their first-round matchups:¹


Shot Charts for the 2013/2014 Beko BBL playoff teams. (All numbers per May 22, 2014)

I’m gonna make it short:
Bayern dominated the paint (suprise!), offensively and defensively.
Artland went berserk from three, killing Bamberg’s hopes of a five-peat.
Alba shot well from three, but was solid from everywhere, really.
And Oldenburg just barely managed to not shoot as bad as Bonn.

Bayern-Oldenburg, Alba-Artland in the semis.

¹ The colors range from a dark green (really good) over yellow (mediocre) to a dark red (really bad), always compared to the rest of the league. Shooting locations as available in the official Beko BBL play-by-plays.

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