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Konrad Wysocki, in der Saison 2013/2014 Forward bei den EWE Baskets Oldenburg in der Beko BBL.

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So, when crunching the numbers for Oldenburg’s rather unstable, but still successful season, I found two rather interesting arguments pointing at Oldenburg doing quite well when going for big lineups.

First one goes for Robin Smeulders: He plays a lot of Center this season, mostly due to Adam Chubb’s injury. Oldenburg, as a team, though does better both offensively and defensively with Smeulders at Power Forward. Shooting and rebounding numbers tell that Smeulders himself performs (slightly) better, too,  when playing at the 4.


Oldenburg doing better with Smeulders at PF (all numbers per Feb. 28, 2014)

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