Just How Important Adam Waleskowski Is

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After not a whole lot of playing time early in the season, Adam Waleskowski grew into being a big factor for Ludwigsburg playoffs-clinching season.


Waleskowski leads Ludwigsburg in on-court/off-court net difference. (All numbers per May 5, 2014.)

He ended up leading the team in on-court/off-court net differential:
Ludwigsburg outscored their opponents by 6.7 points per 40 minutes with him on the court, were outscored by 4.7 per 40 with him off.

Not saying Ludwigsburg would have had a chance against Bayern with him, but his injury sure does hurt them.

(OffRtg/DefRtg in points per 100 possessions, all numbers are generated from the official Beko BBL play-by-plays.)

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